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Sacrament of Reconciliation

This is the Sacrament in which God forgives our sins. We are all sinners yet God offers us unconditional love and through his forgiveness we can be freed from our sins. Although it is often referred to a “Confession” this is only part of what God offers and expects from us. To be freed from sin we need to confess what we have done, but we must be truly sorry and seek to make good what we have broken. Penance is part of that requirement, where we spend time healing ourselves, but we must undertake to try to stop sinning and also make amends for the hurt we have caused. The gift of forgiveness comes with the understanding that we are responsible for our own actions and must accept that responsibility.


If, as we all do, you commit sins after your baptism, it is helpful to go to Confession. Christ, present in the priest, offers us the peace and joy of living in grace, and the guidance to live close to him. We tell the priest what we have done or not done and express our sorrow for it, saying that, with God’s help, we will try not to do it again. Unlike Baptism, it is one of the Sacraments that Catholics receive many times throughout their lives.

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