Sacrament of Marriage

In the marriage ceremony, the baptised man and woman confer the sacrament of marriage on each other in the presence of a priest as they make their vows and exchange ring(s). It follows that the two people involved should be mature enough to give full and free consent to the promises they are making. They should also be open to the possibility of having children and bringing them up according to the teaching of Catholic Church. Through the Sacrament of Marriage, the presence of the priest signifies that they are inviting God into their marriage, not only to give His blessing, but also to be a real participant in their new relationship, with all its joys, sorrows, and challenges. The marriage then becomes a path to holiness and the small domestic community that it creates becomes a mirror and sign of the community of the Holy Trinity, and also of Christ’s commitment to, and union with, his Church.


The modern process of preparation for this sacrament is well worth investing in and will give you both a good insight into what Marriage means within your faith life as well as for the two of you as a married couple ready to spend the rest of your lives together.


Considering Marriage? We welcome those who would like to be married in our church. The first thing to do is to contact the Parish Priest, a good 6 months before the hoped for date. This is because the necessary paperwork can sometimes take a long time to sort out and we would hate you to be disappointed in your plans. For instance, if only one of you is a baptised Catholic, we would need to obtain a dispensation from the bishop to allow the marriage in the church. (It is very rare for this to be refused!)


The parish will prepare all the necessary church marriage forms (even if you are being married abroad). But you will each need to provide a baptism certificate issued within 6 months of the wedding celebration unless, of course, you are not a baptised Christian. Catholics should also provide a confirmation certificate.

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