Belief in the Impossible

O God, the great mystery which is you is totally beyond my understanding. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of a little piece of the Great Story: the story of your pre­existence, your eternal presence, your creation of the universe and your entering into it in a special way when you were born from Mary.
The future is full of hope, yet I am afraid of it. I cannot understand all the contradictory evidence of your goodness which is so apparent in war, conflict, tragedy, illness.
Yet sometimes I see your purpose and presence coming through even the most destructive of events. Help me to be content with not knowing how it all works out and to trust more and more deeply in your passionate love for me and everyone and the world itself, knowing that one day, in a way known only to you, it will eventually make sense. Amen.

St Mary-on-the-Quay | Roman Catholic Church | Bristol, England | Diocese of Clifton | Registered Charity No. 1170168