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The English word "Bible" is from the Greek word "biblos" means the book. The plural ‘ta biblia’ means books. Whereas the singular ‘to biblion’ it means the book or scroll (2Mac 8:23, Dn 9:2).  God spoke the Word through many people and finally when the fullness of time came, the Word became flesh. God uttered the word through Christ. Therefore, the authors of the Bible are God and human beings. The Bible is divided into two - The Old Testament and the New Testament. The adjectives ‘Old’ and ‘New’ indicate the TIME of composition of the book. The very word ‘testament’ comes from the Latin word ‘Testamentum’, (Last Will) which was chosen to translate the Biblical idea of ‘Covenant’ Hebrew: (Berith ) בְּרִית Greek: (Diatheke) Διάθεκε. What unites OT and NT is the promise and the fulfilment of Jesus. The Catholic Bible has 73 books with 46 books in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. How does the Bible become the Word of God? It is because of apostolic origin and it has 3 key elements. The Bible is revealed, inspired and inerrant.  1.  Revealed: The Holy Bible is a revealed book as it has its origin in God.  It is not only just the Word of God but also the mighty works of the Lord. It contains the events of salvation. 2.  Inspired: By inspiration what we mean is the quality of the book which makes it Divine and this quality refers to the written expression of the faith experience of the Apostolic Church. 3.  Inerrant: Since the Bible is inspired and revealed it becomes inerrant. When we say that the Bible is inerrant we state that the Bible is without error with regards to salvific truths. Hence it is our sure means of salvation (Dei Verbum 11). Being revealed, inspired and inerrant the Bible becomes the Word of God and it becomes infallible norm.  From a faith perspective, the Bible is an infallible norm for Christian living.  

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